The FAA has mandated a Remote Pilot Certification for all commercial and business drone operators, which requires that you pass a Part 107 knowledge test in order to earn a Remote Pilot Certificate with Small UAS Rating.   LEGALLY DRONE ACADEMY’s course has been carefully crafted to help you master the Airman Certification knowledge areas and take your Part 107 Examination at a FAA-licensed testing facility with our simple but comprehensive study materials. Our materials have been prepared with a focus on optimizing your study time, recognizing that the goal is to obtain your Remote Pilot license with maximum efficiency.  Our course covers each aspect of the FAA’s Airman’s Certification Knowledge Topics and offers 5 quizzes and 3 practice tests featuring actual FAA Sample Questions.

LEGALLY DRONE ACADEMY offers unmatched value in its test prep materials, blending the knowledge of an array of professionals in aeronautics, academics and test taking.   Do not delay, time is money, begin the process of passing your test NOW.


The following are real examples of the course materials provided in our study guide:


Maintenance Print Screen

Reading a Sectional Chart-2